Delivery Policy

Ordering & Delivery

Prices are subject to changes without prior notice.After you have place the order. We will check the available of stock and advice you the total amount of payment that you have to pay through email.

Orders can only be confirmed and executed with full payment according to the actual value placed for the order plus any delivery charges if applicable. Please provide all required details asked for in our order form. Filing out of the order form does not mean an order has been accepted. We will send confirmation via email for all orders requested. Kindly re-submit order(s) if confirmation is not received. All particulars and information given to us shall be treated as highly confidential. Should a problem arise, you will be contacted via email with an explanation of the problem or should you require more information, please email us at [email protected] will not hold responsibility for late or non delivery of the item in the following circumstances:

The recipient of the order made is not present at the address given and there is no one else present to receive the delivery on behalf of the recipient.
The address is incorrect.
Recipient’s telephone number not provided or an invalid number is given.
Refusal from the recipient (should such situations occur, the purchase is considered delivered and no refunds will be made).
Recipient are at the restricted area such as army camps, airport restricted areas etc at the time of delivery.
Natural disaster, violence, warlike situations and/or reasons beyond our control.
For orders where delivery has been attempted, the full price applies.
Any subsequent delivery attempt may subject to additional charges.
For any re-direction or reroute to any new address will subject to a surcharge, based on the re-directed address. Redelivery is only be made if the recipient or the sender agreed to pay the redelivery charge or any product touch-up charges if necessary.


All deliveries are subject to approval & confirmation of your credit card. The order will only be process upon clearance of payment. In the event of any order delaed due to Late Credit Card Processing or any extraordinary circumstances, it may be delivered at the next available date with a notice to you but without getting your specific confirmation to this effect.


RIGHT OF REFUSAL reserves the right to refuse delivery of any order without assigning any reason whatsoever to the customer. However, in all such cases will refund the amount paid by customer in full.



In most cases product will be delivered within 3 working days after payment received. Our delivery hours start from 9am to 7pm. If under certain unfortunate circumstances whereby we are unable to fulfill your order, then we would either reverse the credit card transaction, or attempt to fulfill the order again, subject to your preference. All efforts will be made to deliver on the specified date and time as requested by customers. However we will not held responsible for any delay in delivery within a specific date and time requested due to unforeseen circumstances beyond our control.